Yes Cacao

Chocolate you can feel

Headquarters: Oakland/CA, USA




YES Cacao is combining wild cacao with a blend of different herbs, flowers, and other ingredients to give you energy or calm your mind. The cacao that Yes Cacao uses is sourced from the wild by a team of 450 harvesters, so no destructive farms or plantations are required to produce the cacao. On top of that, all their chocolate is organic, vegan and kosher.



in In 2015, health food entrepreneurs Zoë and Justin decided to put the fun in functional, and reclaim chocolate as a delivery system. Yes Cacao makes healthy choices more accessible, playful, and pleasurable by pairing functions with flavors to deliver formulas that optimize your #YESLIFE. Each bar has less than 6g of unrefined, highly mineralized, organic sun-dried cane sugar and contain no artificial ingredients, emulsifiers, or gmo’s. From ingredients to packaging, every sourcing decision they make is with deep reverence for the planet.



  • Wild Sourced Arriba Criollo Cacao supports the preservation of rainforests and jungles throughout Ecuador
  • Absolutely no artificial ingredients, emulsifiers, or GMO’s
  • Provides consumers with a healthier, more beneficial, alternative chocolate

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: