The future of food

We invest in game changers that are disrupting
the largest market in the world, food.
Our Vision

Creating the largest ecosystem for tasty, healthy, and sustainable food.
For everyone.

We are at the crossroads of food security, health, sustainability, and animal rights.

Addressing hunger, lifestyle diseases, climate change, and the fair treatment of animals simultaneously.

Food Security
Animal rights

An exponentially growing population and changing food habits in Asia drive meat consumption.

In 1954, the global population was 2.5 billion. 70 years later, that number will have more than tripled resulting in a population of 10 billion  by 2050. 

The Asian population is increasingly adapting the meat-centric western diet. Today, the CO2 emission of animal agriculture has surpassed the negative impact of all global transportation vehicles combined.  More Insights

World Population:

We are all in this together.

A new generation of tech-driven, healthy and innovative plant-based products that meet global consumer demand at mass retail price points.

Innovative entrepreneurs who created these plant-based food products are increasingly partnering with existing production facilities and distribution chains.

Additional support is found through direct investments from existing large players who want to capitalize on the inevitable market shift. Meet the game changing companies


Disrupting the largest market in the world… food.

The global food market in 2017 had a staggering size of over 8 trillion. Thereof the plant-based meat substitute market will reach 5 billion by 2020.

Disruption of existing players and the growth of new product segments will take place much faster than expected.

Consumers will rapidly adapt as soon as a certain mass retail price point has been achived. More market news


Using synergies by vertical integration.

Building the leading ecosystem in plant-based food with an integrated cycle of investing in our portfolio companies and supporting them with access to raw material and distribution, as well as best-in-class digital marketing services.

Working with existing players and using their established production, distribution, and marketing infrastructure – the disruption of the existing market will happen much faster then one could imagine.

Partnering with new innovators and existing players will enable us to create opportunities for a better future.


Plant-based food is the new tech.

Plant-based food and agri-tech are the single biggest investment opportunities with long term value creation and measurable impact. Contact us to learn more.