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Be the change


Insights into the protein transformation

Are you curious about investment strategies that unlock the unique opportunities in the alternative protein market? What about the value pools in the supply chain? Or which technologies will drive cost parity with traditional proteins? Download our inaugural alternative protein report, which we co-published with the Boston Consulting Group.

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Sustainable food ecosystem for everyone

We are on a mission to replace animal-based proteins with sustainable alternatives and transform the global food ecosystem. We help build companies that are better for human health, animal health and the health of our planet. We partner with innovative disruptors to revolutionize the food ecosystem. We believe this is the greatest investment opportunity in our lifetime – both in the magnitude and speed of the transformation that is happening right now.

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Food Security
Animal rights

Growing population. Depleting resources

In 1954, the global population was 2.5 billion. By 2050, that number will have more than quadrupled to more than 10 billion. The strain on resources will be further exacerbated by the adoption of Western middle class eating habits in emerging markets. The growth in industrial farming needed to feed this demand will quickly drain our scarce resources, threaten our global ecosystem and cause numerous health risks for both humans and animals.

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Innovation and responsible capital

We support a new generation of innovative, tech-driven, healthy and sustainable food companies that can meet global consumer demand at mass market prices.  This wave of innovation is having a positive impact on the planet, while generating attractive returns for investors.


Sustainability as a core asset

The legacy ways of food production are destroying our planet. We support the sustainable future of food by investing in and building companies that offer a cleaner, greener, healthier future.

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Range of investment options to access Food 4.0

We offer a range of investment vehicles from concept to mature operating companies. We take minority positions in seed, venture and growth and controlling positions in operating companies built by rolling-up players in a vertical such as plant-based meat.  

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Support Game Changers disrupting the food industry

This is how we have started. We will always be a partner for entrepreneurs who have a vision and want to move into a tangible business, need money and support through our network for a fast kickstart. Therefore we are investing in mission-aligned, tech-driven, healthy and innovative plant- and cell-based companies.

Game Changers

Rapidly emerging disruptive market: Alternative Proteins

The global food market in 2017 had a staggering size of over $8 trillion. Thereof the alternative-protein market will reach $290 billion by 2035. Disruption of existing players and the growth of new product segments will take place much faster than expected. Consumers will rapidly adapt as soon as a certain mass retail price point has been achieved.

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