Meat you fall in love with

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland


Planted was founded by students of ETH Zurich and the first products were developed in this University. All their products are soy and gluten free, but rich in plant proteins and fibres. No animals, no antibiotics and Non-GMO, but with an amazing taste and texture that is matching the original.


The motivation of the three founders – Pascal, Lukas and Eric – was to help saving the world one bite at a time with healthy, natural, cruelty free and clean meat. To produce the Planted chicken, there is less water, less land, less energy needed, and it doesn’t contribute to pollution such as air and water pollution from methane or ammonia. Their products allows to live a healthy, plant-based lifestyle without cutting classic meat-dishes out of the diet.



  • Replaces your “real” chicken with a healthier alternative
  • Can be processed in the kitchen like “real” chicken
  • Is free of all the unhealthy byproducts e.g. antibiotics
  • Will save living chickens

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: