No Evil Foods

Protein for all. In plants we trust!

Headquarters: Asheville, NC, USA




Produced in small batches, packed with protein, GMO and soy free goodness made from beans, wheat berries and yeast. Amazing flavors and bangin’ texture No Evil Foods uses simple ingredients to boost nutrient density. True Plant Meat!



No Evil Foods is giving life to a powerful mission: to use food as a force for good. In 2014 Sadrah Schadel & Mike Woliansky joined forces to create their contribution to the food revolution; Plant Meat which is made from 100% plant-protein and has the same taste and texture of meat itself. Their line of irresistible options include a variety of Plant Meats such as ‘No Chicken’, ‘Italian Sausage’, ‘Chorizo’, ‘Pulled Pork BBQ’ and ‘Holiday Centerpiece’. Their beliefs in the ancient proverb “Do No Evil” is what drives them. From where they source their ingredients to their award winning sustainable packaging, No Evil Foods is focused on putting more good out into the world.



  • Saving millions of animals
  • Reducing the global impacts of factory farming
  • Offering a soy-free meat alternative for consumers with soy allergies
  • Replacing meat-protein with healthier options of plant-protein
  • Eco-Friendly packaging reduces environmental impact

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: