New Roots

Cheese, Reinvented

Headquarters: Thun, Switzerland



New Roots is reinventing traditions of the future, offering a healthy alternative to cheese that doesn’t taste like an alternative. This is done by using homemade organic cashew milk and the same artisanal techniques of fermentation and ripening as traditional cheese. They are one of the only companies in Switzerland to make vegan cheese using ancestral techniques.


New Roots is providing an ethical and sustainable alternative to classic cheese, without altering its universally loved taste. They currently offer a selection of eight tasty cheeses including cream cheese, ricotta, camembert and fresh cheese with different herbs and spices. With centuries of Swiss cheese crafting knowledge behind them they are creating real artisan vegan cheese. In addition to helping people transition to a plant-based diet, they are committed to improving each step of their process, from transporting the nuts to shipping the cheese; they try their best to reduce their environmental impact.



  • Saves the lives of millions of animals
  • Provides consumers with a healthier, tastier cheese alternative
  • Conscious packaging minimizes carbon footprint

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: