Fora Foods

Faba Butter is Better!

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York, USA




Fora Foods is creating dairy alternative solutions. Most substitutes out there are processed and not sustainable. Fababutter which is made from aquafaba, is disrupting the market with its taste, ingredients, functionality, and sustainability.



Aidan Altman and Andrew McClure have been highly involved in the food world for quite some time. After learning more about sustainable food systems they both decided to become vegan and use their expertise to create more conscious products. Their first being FabaButter which surpasses all butter alternatives on the market with its unmatched taste and functionality. Their butter is made with the leftover water from cooking chickpeas also known as aquafaba which they purchase from hummus manufactures then transform into magical goodness.



  • Saving millions of animals and trees
  • Dairy free, healthier butter alternative; cholesterol free
  • Sustainable, Palm oil free ingredients; not contributing to destruction of endangered species and their habitats
  • Functional versatility that surpasses demands for a plant-based butter alternative in the baking and culinary worlds

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: