Eating Our Way to Extinction

A film that hungers to change the world

Headquarters: London, UK




Raising public awareness. While changing the food and agriculture industry at its source and investing in innovative new food ventures is crucial, educating future consumers about what’s at stake for the survival on our planet is pivotal. It is of vital importance that all of us understand the true consequences of our food choices.



Eating Our Way to Extinction is a feature-length documentary film that describes the necessary movement towards a plant-based lifestyle from a big-picture perspective, while taking into account the complex situation we find ourselves in. Even though there are many films that tackle individual aspects of the movement, the brothers and co-directors Ludo and Otto Brockway seek to present all aspects of the plant-based lifestyle movement, including interviews with celebrities and scientists, as well as ordinary people. The documentary shows the strength of the movement globally and the power of people to change; it exposes the economic inefficiencies in the global meat market; it presents groundbreaking research into the profound intellectual capabilities of animals as well as the myriad benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.



  • Changing the way that people view animal agriculture
  • Making a strong, persuasive case for a move towards a plant-based lifestyle
  • Engaging the audience with complex scientific arguments against the consumption of meat
  • Empowering people to take the vital first step towards a plant-based lifestyle

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