Finless Foods

Sustainable seafood

Headquarters: San Francisco, USA




Fishing is killing our planet. Our ocean ecosystems can’t take the strain of increased fish production, and fish consumption is in a steady rise. Using a combination of well-established and cutting-edge cell culture techniques, Finless Foods cultures a small sample of cells from a living marine animal and structures it in a brewery-like environment in the same shape as a fish fillet. This results – on a cellular level – in real fish meat.



Finless Foods is an early-stage biotechnology company whose mission is to develop and mass manufacture pioneering marine animal food products for human consumption. Our objective is to create seafood sustainably using scientific cellular agriculture technologies, which will provide a cost-effective, healthy and appetizing alternative to conventionally-caught and commercially-farmed seafood.



  • Producing fish food without harming animals or the ocean
  • Developing a structure that replicates the look and texture of real fish meat
  • Using state-of-the art technology to disrupt meat production
  • Building a platform for further development of new products

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: