farm transformers

Change at the source

Headquarters: Los Angeles/CA, USA




It was time to take action. After investing in many ventures founded by incredibly innovative people and promising entrepreneurs, we decided to start an initiative ourselves: an endeavor that focuses on the source of food and will help to shape the sustainable agriculture of the future.



The foundation shares the name of our investment company, its vision, and its values. Alongside our commercial projects, we are actively growing a community that seeks to support the transformation of farms from animal factory farming to sustainable plant cultivation, while sharing educational resources regarding sustainable food and agriculture. We recognize that animal farms are part of a global problem that adversely affects our climate and our health, while simultaneously ignoring the principles of animal welfare. Therefore, we have created an alternative model that provides sustainable solutions.



  • Over USD $250,000 raised during our first few months of operations.
  • Community volunteered over 600 hours towards our goals.
  • Developed a comprehensive strategy for the growth of the movement.
  • Created a small global network of individuals that support our goals and believe in our movement.
  • Engaged with people across generations, creeds, continents, and classes.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: