Before change can happen, we need to face the facts.

World population is expected to grow to 10bn people by 2050

Increasing GDP per capita heavily drives global demand for meat

High increase in demand per meat category by 2050 show chicken with the largest increase and total volume

If cattle were a country, they would rank third in greenhouse gas emissions

Three key issues in our current food system – environmental sustainability, food security and health

High consumption and greenhouse gas emission are related to animal feed or animal production

Beef ranks highest in greenhouse gas emissions per kilocalorie

Livestock related farming is highly inefficient on a per unit base of protein

Livestock related farming occupies 77% of agricultural land including grazing land and land for feed production

With 25:1, beef ranks lowest in feed conversion efficiency

Beef ranks lowest in feed conversion and protein conversion efficiency

Stress on global food security: China is already today a net importer of soy, corn and meat

Global health challenges and processed meat related risks: Plant-based diets reduce both, heart and cancer risks

Plant-based diets are a key to fight diabetes – a global problem especially in China

Consumer behavior shows strong trend towards 
more healthy and sustainable food

Protein intake is predominantly based on animals – 
in both, direct consumption and hidden in processed food

Consumption of proteins in principle is too high

Plant-based protein sources exist and new, 
innovative food products are developed

New (2nd) generation of plant-based products meets consumer 
demand for tasty, healthy and sustainable food

Technical segmentation of the alternative protein market

Narrowing price gap is driving meat substitute demand – future disruption ahead at USD 2/kg unit price alternative meat

Global plant-based dairy alternatives market is significant and growing

Soy is the dominating 
meat substitute ingredient today

The goals for 2030

Millenials have the largest population share in the USA today

Millenials at the forefront to bring plant-based food into mainstream

Consumer segmentation developments show a decline in carnivores

Top 5 meat & dairy companies leading in terms of greenhouse gases

The demand for fish is increasing aquacultures

Emerging Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia face highest growth in water demand

Antimicrobial use projected to increase in volume and intensity especially in China

Emerging economies in Asia set to drive animal protein consumption

Rest of Asia GHG (Green House Gases) emissions to double by 2030 and increase 3.5x by 2050

Ruminant meats like beef contribute far more green house gas than other animals

Animal protein consumption on the rise in Asia

Meat consumption in Indonesia to soar, with poultry experiencing especially strong growth

Cancer incidence and mortality increasing in China

Cancer types in China

Most adults who have Diabetes haven't even been diagnosed yet

Annual agriculture production emissions are growing at a rapid pace