Red Sun Hortitech

Perfect Plants

Headquarters: Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa




Red Sun Hortitech produces over 200’000 macadamia trees yearly in their own nursery that are delivered worldwide. The plants are completely traceable and the company also has established its own mother blocks on their nursery site to have full control and enough capacity for the growing needs of their customers.



Hundreds of farmers in South Africa are getting the highest quality of macadamia trees and can successfully start growing nuts. Red Sun Hortitech – five star SAMAC approved – knows each of the growers personally and is delivering top quality. Besides their own, they control the mother blocks established in 1990 and are using the latest advances in tree production techniques that is further developed with skills based on its own team and its international network of specialists.



  • Support local farmers by providing nut production
  • Increase availability of high quality nuts
  • Ongoing know-how transfer to farmers
  • Research and development of new growth possibilities