Matthew Kenney Cuisine

Crafting the Future of Food

Headquarters: Venice, CA, USA Website

Matthew Kenney Cuisine (MKC) is a globally recognized lifestyle brand at the forefront of the world’s transition into elevated, sustainable health and wellness.

Their integrated plant-based model consistently attracts global partners, including Starwood Capital, Blue Horizon, Jamba Juice, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ladurée Paris, and various hotel groups around the world, where they build custom solutions for best-in-class brands. The world is continuously changing at an accelerating rate, and industry leaders are continuously seeking to leverage MKC’s partnership and influence in order to adapt to contemporary market shifts and consumer demands. As a multi-faceted company involved in several market segments throughout five continents, their growing expertise has enabled them to manifest their vision through a diverse array of new restaurant and consulting projects, including consumer products, licensing relationships, wellness retreats, culinary experiences and various other curated hospitality services. They have educated and trained thousands of students in the art of plant-based cuisine, creating an incredible network of capable, like-minded individuals across the globe to partner with in realizing their vision of the future of food. MKC’s resources extend from their home base in Los Angeles, throughout Asia, Australia, South America, the Middle East, Europe and far in between. These global connections are what allow them to expand upon their vision of a world united by a sole purpose to live conscientiously, to be aware of the impact we individually make and to proactively strive toward a more sustainable future.

MKC is an integrated, California-based lifestyle company that provides innovative, high quality products and services in the culinary art and wellness markets throughout several business segments: hospitality, education, media, products, licensing and services. They currently operate on multiple global cities across 5 continents with more than 40 restaurants either open or in development – and many more to come. The foundation of their work is based on the vision of minimally processed, unrefined plant-based cuisine accessible to the masses, cultivated through proprietary techniques and a forward-thinking, innovative approach to the consumer market. Aligned with a world rapidly embracing the need for a healthier diet and an increase in plant-based food consumption, MKC is crafting the future of food. Over the last several years, the company has experienced a significant growth curve due to the expansion of their business segments and the positive reception from their consumer base. Their goals are to support organizational growth, scale concept development/expansion, and focus on the evolution of their technological infrastructure + digital assets in culinary and wellness.



  • Saving the lives of millions of animals
  • Increases the health and vitality of people’s lives
  • Convenient, delicious , more sustainable, plant-based food solutions
  • Inspires people to make more conscious food decisions

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: