Matthew Kenney Cuisine

Crafting the Future of Food

Headquarters: Venice, CA, USA


Matthew is a celebrity chef, entrepreneur, author and educator known for specializing in plant-based cuisine. He has 12 books under his belt and has opened many restaurants across the US and including Plant Food and Wine in the heart of Venice, CA. He recently announced the he is soon opening his debut vegan restaurant in Canada. Matthew Kenney Cuisine, is focused on the development of products, books and businesses that reflect his passion for sustainable living. It is the ultimate plant-based diet education and wellness business offering courses in several countries and online.

Matthew Kenney Cuisine brings together plant-based culinary art and ultimate nutrition offering an array of services like catering, consulting, chef placement, licensing and seeking engagements. Matthew Kenney Cuisine is pleased to introduce its first plant-based product lines to enter the consumer market industry. One being Double Zero Now, a frozen pizza division featuring MKC tree-nut cheese brand, an extensive line of unique pizzas that will be available in stores nationwide. An another called Ntidote Life which is a new plant-based food product line inspired by the mutual passion for internal wellness shared by Celebrated Dr. Amir Marashi.



  • Saving the lives of millions of animals
  • Increases the health and vitality of people’s lives
  • Convenient, delicious , more sustainable, plant-based food solutions
  • Inspires people to make more conscious food decisions

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: