80/20 plants

A plant-based nutrition team in your pocket

Headquarters: Boulder, CO, USA Website


80/20 Plants is the easy way to a plant-based diet.

Their goal is to be a leader in plant-based coaching services that move people and the planet to a better future. The technology delivers approachable and fun one-on-one coaching, along with community and practical education, that is accessible to anyone motivated to thrive on plants.

The mission aligned founder and a team of plant-based nutritionists, athletes, world travelers, and parents, each trying to make the world a healthier place.


80/20 plants is based on a digital platform with communication features and content, making it a guide to better eating and offers full support with 1:1 coaching, the 80/20 community, meal plans, recipes, and video lessons. Founded by a serial entrepreneur, 80/20 is the new best friend for better eating to make the plant-based lifestyle attainable, fun, delicious, exciting and personalized.


  • Motivating people to eat more plant-based
  • Helping people with their plant-based diet
  • Enable people access to specialists and get inspiration within the communityd

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: