TMK GmbH has been founded in 2016. Its purpose is the providing of big work environments with nutritious, plant-based, healthy and sustainably produced food and beverages.

TMK recognizes the fact that food awareness is constantly rising in urban areas and particularly among business people, skilled workers and experts being employed in sectors of emerging technologies. This is why TMK primarily aims at that target group.

Its extended services include the planning and execution of individually tailored health & nutrition workshops for the staff of middle-sized or big companies.

TMK is a 100 % subsidiary of blue horizon corporation.


  • 1 million served meals per month by 2020
  • Cooperation with sustainable food producers that empower people with limited access to the local job markets
  • Providing access to healthy, plant-based and sustainably produced food in modern office environments
  • Raising of food awareness and increase of nourishing knowledge among the targeted groups
  • Establishing of a global community of food producers and consumers committed to sustainably produced, healthy and plant-based nutrition

Runa LLC

Runa produces and sells 100 % organic, fair trade and non-GMO certified teas and energy drinks. Its core ingredient is a rare leaf from the Ecuadorian Amazon called Guayusa that contains high levels of caffeine and twice as much polyphenol antioxidants as regular green tea. Runa employs over 3.000 indigenous farmers in the Amazon sustainably growing guayusa in the rainforest and improving the livelihood of their families.

So far, Runa sold over 4.5 million drinks in over 10’000 stores in the US, many of them Whole Foods and Safeway. Blue horizon corporation completed its acquisition of a minority stake in US-based Runa in November 2016.


  • improved livelihood of over 3’000 indigenous Amazonian farmers
  • 20% increase on an average farmer’s income by 2019
  • 15% social premium paid to support community development projects for guayusa farmers
  • 2 million guayusa trees planted in Ecuador
  • Expansion of impact model to Peru

BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund

Over two billion people across the world have none or very limited access to basic financial services. This leaves them unable to bring their productivity to full potential, makes them vulnerable to even smallest financial setbacks and endangers their base of life. There is a considerable landscape of microfinance institutions worldwide that aim at the responsible provision of affordable services to this target group.

The blue horizon corporation will support such MFIs worldwide through an investment in the BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund. This investment is aiming at enabling MFIs to consolidate and expand their capital structures, develop new loan products, and expand their reach to the target group to strengthen innovative methods in facilitating financial inclusion.


  • Over $ 500 million in assets deployed in loans to a portfolio of over 90 MFIs at various stages of growth in over 35 countries.
  • 13.9 million micro-entrepreneurs reached by portfolio MFIs with an average loan size of $ 3.800
  • 50% rural clients and 58% women clients

Shared-X LLC

Shared-X produces high yields of specialty and organic crops applying proven techniques and know how acquired through the management of hundreds of agricultural projects over two decades.

The farming and marketing advantages of the company are being shared with local smallholder farmers – generating up to seven times higher incomes due to the selling at specialty food premium prices where feasible. This market strategy is a substantial contribution to communities to overcome poverty.

With its broad expertise, Shared-X operates a diversified crop portfolio such as organic banana, organic pineapple, specialty coffee, and aromatic cacao.

Shared-X LLC is expanding its operations from the initial target area Peru to more emerging markets cooperating with over 1.000 smallholder farmers. The company aims at reaching over 12.000 farmers over a 5-year period.

The blue horizon corporation completed its acquisition of a minority stake by November 2016.


  • Broad range of service and support for smallholder farmers such as provision of precision nutrients, extension services and market access.
  • Cooperation with over 1.000 smallholder farmers, planned support of 12.000 within five years
  • 2-7x increase in livelihood
  • 400 % increase in livelihood in three years of development prior to inception
  • Expansion to other Latin American countries and other regions
  • Employment of currently 317 field workers within the company who are earning 50 % above standard minimum wage

Desai Fruits and Vegetables Pvt. Ltd.

Swiss based Contract Farming India is the main investor in Desai Fruits and Vegetables Pvt. Ltd. Though India is the largest producer of bananas worldwide, until recently no Indian company was able to meet international quality standards.

Desai Fruits and Vegetables has overcome this obstacle and is now one of India’s leading banana producers and the largest Indian banana exporter. It focuses on both the Indian domestic as well as the export markets.

Desai Fruits has long established links to farmers and engages in sustainable and socially responsible partnership farming in India.  


  • Setting benchmarks in banana quality regarding production, look, feel, safety and health
  • Management of quality control from the tissue to the customer and full traceability
  • End-to-end supply chain management with extended control of entire value chain
  • Developing of industrial farming options

Citrus Processing India Pvt. Ltd.

Citrus International has set up the first and only industrial processor of frozen orange juice concentrate (FCOJ) in Nanded, India. India has the third largest output of oranges worldwide. Frozen orange juice concentrate is a highly valuable, globally traded fruit juice commodity.

The oranges are being sourced locally giving support to the local citrus farmers. Citrus International transfers farming related know how to those farmers and guarantees them a stable source of income.


  • Production and trading of an high-quality fruit juice product
  • Improving livelihoods of local farmers
  • Farming related know how transfer to local farmers and communities

Optimus Services AG

Optimus offers an integrated, holistic systems approach to operating rooms in hospitals providing a medical environment with substantial reduction of human error, minimal possibilities of superbug contractions and elimination of unnecessary confusion during complex, high-stakes procedures.

Optimus has completely rethought and improved the traditional operating room design, using cutting-edge technology and design that maximizes workflows, standardizes procedures and improves logistics by introducing a military approach to equipment and supplies command and control.

These innovations are about to transform a high-stress, high-risk environment into a better place for patients and staff alike.


  • Fewer infections with superbugs
  • Improved logistics of equipment and supplies
  • Higher efficiency through maximized workflows
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Better working environments for operating room staff

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