Wild Earth

Animal free pet food

Headquarters: Berkeley/CA, USA




Wild Earth only wants the best in their plant-based pet foods. Their product development is based on research that looks at the biology of companion animals from a holistic perspective and with inspiration of Mother Nature, combines it with modern technology to bring it to scale.



The dream of Wild Earth’s experts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries: Create the perfect food for dogs and cats of all ages and launch a product line that is made for animal lovers who care about animals, people and the plant. The products are made out of truly clean protein.



  • Dog & cat food without animal by-products and no rendered animals, matching all nutritional needs
  • Eliminate food for your animal friends that you won’t eat
  • High performance protein with no dirty secrets
  • Challenging the status quo with clean protein made without animal ingredients, but still meeting the specific animal’s needs

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: