Vegan Initiatives Are Taking Off In The Corporate Workplace And It’s Good For Business

Author: Katrina Fox
Source: Forbes

Nearly three decades ago, Philip Wollen left his position as vice-president of Citibank in Australia after an experience that changed him forever. The merchant banker visited a client’s premises, which was a slaughterhouse, and recognized the agonized screams of the animals inside as being identical to those of his dying father, who was ravaged by cancer.

While devoting his energy and resources to full-time philanthropy since his exit from Citibank, Wollen has stayed in touch with some of his colleagues in the international banking and financial services industry. Over the years he’s taken every opportunity to share with them the devastating impacts of animal agriculture on animals, human health and the environment, and encouraged them to join him in becoming vegan.

Many of these professionals dismissed him as eccentric and outlandish, until 2012 when a speech he made at a debate, ‘Should Animals Be Off the Menu?’, went viral on social media and the reclusive philanthropist – a recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia and Australian of the Year (Victoria) award – was thrust into the spotlight. Since then, he says, more individuals in the corporate world have started to understand the issues and commit to being part of the solution.