Tofurkey Will Sell 5 Millionth Plant-Based Holiday Roast this Thanksgiving

Author: Tanya Flink

Tofurky, one of the original commercial vegan meat companies, is about to reach a major milestone in its decades-long history. The “hippie” driven company proudly announced that it is on track to sell 5 million Tofurky Vegan Holiday Roasts by Thanksgiving of this year since the product’s debut in 1995. Seth Tibbet, self-proclaimed “naturalist/hippie” launched Tofurky in 1980 to build a business out of his homemade tempeh. He eventually expanded his kitchen arsenal into tofu and vital wheat gluten (used to make seitan) and launched the first Tofurky Holiday Roast in 1995. During its inaugural year, the company sold 500 roasts. Today, the wild rice and breadcrumb-stuffed savory centerpieces have become a mainstay at holiday tables throughout North America, the UK, and Australia.