The Vurger Co.

100% Vegan Fast Food

Headquarters: Shoreditch, London



One of the Co-Founders of the Vurger Co. suffered with debilitating stomach issues and found help in a vegan diet when he traveled to California and discovered the plant-based food world. Inspired and motivated by this experience, The Vurger Co. team developed different kind of tasty sauces and is upgrading plant-based meals with a special tasty spin so that not only the meat, but also the sauce is a vegan pleasure.



The Vurger Co. startet as a small company in 2016 to test their concept and is offering today a wide range of sauces with tastes from bacon over garlic & herbes to spicy chilli and a mayonnaise that can be used for many different dishes. By crowdfunding, they also opened a restaurant in Shoreditch where their sauces are of course widely used. And meal kits including plant-based burgers, vegan cheese and fries are a perfect fit as one of the leading menus.



  • Major health benefits while 65% of the human population is lactose intolerant
  • Eliminate the animal of the equation
  • Helps to reduce climate change

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: