The Vegan Boom and A Month Animal-Free

Author: Henry Mance
Source: Financial Times

“In the past three to five years, I’ve seen more changes in the availability and variety of vegan food than I have seen in the 30 years prior,” says Dawn Carr, a campaigner at animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta). “We’ve moved beyond falafel and fruit salad.”

“If veganism is going to survive or to win or whatever, it’s got to have more options, to be more creative. Let’s hold ourselves to a higher standard,” says Harrower of ROLI. “It’s going to be a slow burn. We’ve got tens of thousands of years of history to go against.”

Personally, I’m up against 35 years of dairy eating and I feel it may be easier to wait another five. But, two weeks after the experiment was meant to end, I am still basically vegan. Maybe new habits die hard.