Tesco Responds To Demand, Launches Robust Vegan Initiative

Author: Michael Pellman Rowland
Source: FORBES

Tesco, one of the largest retailers in the world, made a splash this past week when they dropped a new line of vegan products on the market. After watching competitors outpace them in the plant-based game, leadership at Tesco decided it was time to get in and go big.

It began back in 2014, when Tesco hired Dave Lewis from Unilever to be the CEO. Lewis and his team were open to making Tesco a plant-based leader, and knew they needed an ace to drive the initiative. Enter Derek Sarno.

Since coming aboard Tesco in May, Sarno says he’s been locked in a kitchen, sprinting to bring his ideas to market. The driving force behind his dishes were to make them attractive to meat-eaters. He purposely didn’t want the word vegan on the packaging, in order to let consumers decide on taste alone. According to Sarno, Tesco’s competitors have been selling ‘rubbish’ plant-based products simply to benefit from the trend, which is unlikely to help people commit to eating sustainably over the long-term. ‘I developed this menu for meat eaters. We won’t move the needle by only helping vegans eat more vegan food.’