Sunfed Meats

New generation of meat

Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand, NZ




Sunfed produces meat based on pea protein that not only cooks, feels and tastes just like normal meat, but is also healthier for the consumer, the planet and free of animals. The first product of the company, the Chicken Free chicken, is based on only 7 ingredients. It is non-GMO as well as gluten, soy and preservative free. This means: Good, clean food with just a handful of all natural wholesome ingredients.



Sunfed is specialised in plant-based meat with high levels of protein, iron and zinc. This ends up in double the protein of a chicken and triple the iron of a beef. The Sunfed team is dedicated to develop the next generation of food without the animal, cholesterol and trans fat free, low carb, but high in phosphorus, potassium as well as a high source of fibre, magnesium and B Vitamins.



  • Produce food which improves human health
  • Decrease pollution by reducing need of livestock
  • Reduce cruelty to and death of  millions of chickens
  • Develop more new animal-free protein

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: