Silicon Valley Food Start-Up Best Known For Plant-Based Mayo Thinks it Can Cure Malnutrition in Africa

Author: Caitlin Dewey
Source: Wall Street Journal 

When Bill Gates called flashy food start-up Hampton Creek the “future of food,” he was presumably referring to products like the company’s much-hyped vegan mayo. The mayo, the company argues, shows that it’s possible to produce plant-based foods Americans love at prices they can afford, without relying on the egg, meat and dairy products that take such a toll on the environment. But Hampton Creek, recently renamed JUST, has far grander ambitions than turning the U.S. food market on its head. This month it’s going public with a product it describes as its solution to addressing West African malnutrition. “If fortified foods are not available, helping them get into the market affordably is a valuable role for the private sector,” said Challiss McDonough, a senior spokeswoman for the World Food Program.