Food for the global good

Headquarters: Minneapolis, USA



Puris Foods develops a wide range of regenerative non-GMO seeds from peas and soybeans, providing clean-tasting and certified organic pear protein, starch and fibre. Sourcing great ingredients is important to bring plant-based products to the market at scale and at speed, and therefore an important partner for the LIVEKINDLY co.



Puris Foods was founded in 1985 and is developing safer, more sustainable food from plants. Their seeds are specially bred to grow high-yield, disease-resistant crops by at the same time left the land better than it started. The resulting ingredients are a renewable food source as nutritious and flavourful and used in a lot of the LIVEKINDLY co. products.



  • Best in class ingredients for plant-based products
  • Supporting farmers and protect their soil
  • Enables sourcing at scale and at speed

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: