OLD ABOUT – Growing exponential opportunities. Globally.

We believe

Profit-oriented strategies and the common good can be united.

Our portfolio features scaleable investments worldwide that reflect this credo.


The food of the future will be made from plants.

We recognize that environmental awareness is paramount to understanding, connecting and applying the synergy that can exist between food, health, education, energy and technology.

In the world of tomorrow, profit and the common good will no longer be conflicting interests.


We are accelerating the global transition towards sustainable food and agriculture.

By partnering with farmers, food producers, and distribution chains. Whenever possible we use existing infrastructure while implementing advanced technology.

And investing in companies that disrupt unsustainable business models of the past and offering visionary solutions for tomorrow.

Our Values

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


    We make a difference. We want to make this world better than we found it and we enjoy the process of getting there. The journey is half the fun!


    We think a lot (almost all the time) about how to do things right. Doing things right isn't always clear or easy. We make the best choices we can everyday.

  • KIND

    We are good to all beings, even those we haven't met yet.


    We share and learn from others. We are stronger together. We play well with others.


    We forge ahead. We stay out on the frontlines where the big changes are happening.


    We live our values and work according to them. Everything is integrated and nothing gets left behind. If it doesn't fit our vision, it's not our action.


    Our desire for positive change is real. We can’t promise that we won’t make any mistakes along the way, but we be honest and transparent.


    This is a big undertaking and we are humbled by all the positive responses and support we are getting already. This will truly be a team effort and we appreciate any help you might offer to contribute to our cause.


    We realize that we are all in this together, sharing life and resources on our beautiful planet. We want to be part of the major shift needed to protect this world for future generations.


    Did you ever think that “someone” really should be doing something about a problem and then realized that YOU SHOULD be that someone? Well, we did! That’s why we are creating a sustainable way to feed the future.

How we work

When selecting our investments projects, we follow the impact-before-income principle.

Blue Horizon always prioritizes a business’s principal, potential long-term impact on the stimulation and emergence of new, sustainable economic models and markets and its potential local, regional, or global scalability.


We are a team of passionate optimists and dedicated doers.

From tree-huggers and visionaries to nerds and hustlers, we have come together to build a better future today.

  • Thomas Kindler

    Thomas Kindler

    Thomas Kindler

    Thomas Kindler

    Thomas is our legal counsel and transaction specialist

    Thomas has over 15 years of hands-on experience in building agriculture, food processing and other start-up ventures. He holds a PhD in Law from the University of Bern, Switzerland and a Master’s Degree in International Corporate Law from Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA.

  • Janabai Owens

    Janabai Owens

    Janabai Owens

    Janabai Owens

    Janabai is our food guru

    Janabai made a name for herself in both green business and sustainable food. She is an innovator, published author, public speaker, and restaurateur with a commitment to integrity and sustainability that spreads out from her LA home to her global audience.

  • Christoph Morach

    Christoph Morach

    Christoph Morach

    Christoph Morach

    Christoph is our operations manager

    Christoph has many years of successful management experience in different startups in the field of marketing, sales and technology. He was responsible for the management of several European technology and media startups and a board member of a leading international database marketing company. He built one of the first email marketing companies in Europe.

  • Viviana Vigil

    Viviana Vigil

    Viviana Vigil

    Viviana Vigil

    Viviana is our Chief of Content

    Viviana is a Emmy nominated TV host and producer who has worked on entertainment and luxury lifestyle shows on NBC, CBS, Direct TV and REELZ Channel. She is the Executive Producer of We Are Good News and Content Director for media associated with  Blue Horizon.

  • Chris Peter

    Chris Peter

    Chris Peter

    Chris Peter

    Chris is Chief of Staff and our digital media & innovation guru

    Chris has decades of expertise in leading digital business projects and teams and a strong background in project management and product/service development. He is well versed in implementing online strategies (e.g. HNI platform for Art Basel), aggregating traffic and motivating as well as inspiring teams to embrace the digital mindset in order to transform products and services into revenue and assets.

  • Katja Wargin

    Katja Wargin

    Katja Wargin

    Katja Wargin

    Katja is our health guru

    Katja is a certified health coach who holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. She is a public speaker and cooking instructor specializing in chronic disease prevention and longevity and leads workshops in the US and Germany. Her goal is to educate and motivate people to live longer, healthier, and more compassionate lives by providing easy alternatives to harmful habits. She hopes to reduce cruelty to animals, to preserve our planet for future generations and to improve the quality of life for all.

  • Roger Lienhard

    Roger Lienhard

    Roger Lienhard

    Roger Lienhard

    Roger is our evangelist

    Roger is the founder of the Blue Horizon Corporation and the affiliated Blue Horizon International Foundation. His primary objective is to generate synergies between the associated companies to ensure the maximum impact on the major global shift towards a more sustainable food system. He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold several companies within the IT, advertising and online marketing industry.

  • Sonja Reifenhäuser

    Sonja Reifenhäuser

    Sonja Reifenhäuser

    Sonja Reifenhäuser

    Sonja is our nutrition coach

    Sonja is engaged for a food revolution on the plate. She is experienced in this topic likewise in the field of gastronomy as well as private customers. Her focus is on health, vitality and sustainability with all the multi-faceted of a plant-based nutrition. She lives in Berlin and is our scout in the German speaking region.

  • Michael Greger, M.D.

    Michael Greger, M.D.

    Health/Nutrition Advisor

    Michael Greger, M.D.

    Michael Greger, M.D.

    Health/Nutrition Advisor

    Michael is our advisor for nutrition & health

    Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author (e.g. “How not to die”), and internationally recognized speaker on a number of important public health issues. He is a founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and a graduate of the Cornell University School of Agriculture.

    More information about Michael and a lot of health nutrition facts can be found here.