Plant-Based Meat Named Hottest New Category in Food Service Industry


At a time when global vegan food sales in grocery stores are experiencing rapid growth and new and established omnivore brands are taking a chance with new product launches seemingly every week, a new trend is emerging in the plant-based food space. In late 2017, food-focused Chicago-based market research company Winsight released the 2018 Noncommercial Trends Forecast. The report, which was developed in collaboration with Food Service Director magazine and food industry research and strategy company Technomic, predicted the following about changes to the food service industry for the coming year:

“Plant-based dining for everyone. With sustainability and budgets in mind, operators are now putting plant-based entrees front and center instead of relegating them to a separate vegan or vegetarian station. In college dining and corporate cafes, vegetables and grains are placed at the beginning of the line and animal proteins are available at the end.”

With just four months left to go in 2018, the prediction holds true. Across the United States and in some parts of the U.K., plant-based food is steadily becoming a staple for food service companies catering to universities, public schools, hospitals, and other venues. Vegan meat, in particular, seems to be the dominant product among suppliers.