Plant based chicken is about to take off

Source: GFI 

Over the past few decades, net beef production in the United States has held relatively steady, while chicken production has increased more than five-fold. 

The success of the chicken industry has not come without harm. Poultry excrement creates significant land, water, and air pollution in communities across the US and around the world. The World Wildlife Fund notes the poultry industry uses most of the world’s feed crops. And although chicken is less carbon-intensive than beef, Leah Garces on Vox’s Future Perfect recently explained that “Replacing beef with chicken isn’t as good for the planet as you think.” The article notes that the greenhouse gas emissions per serving of poultry are 11 times higher than a serving of plant protein. A study in the leading journal Nature found the difference to be even greater. According to their review, poultry causes 40 times more global warming per calorie of protein – and 65 times more per calorie – than legumes.

Plant-based burgers get most of the attention today, but plant-based chicken is on track to be the next breakout category. When this happens, plant-based meat will reach new consumers and grab an even bigger share of the market.