Epic Veggie Eating for Free Range Humans

Headquarters: Mjölby, Sweden



Oumph! is focussing on delicious, easy to cook food that is crazy good for the environment. Made from beans, their products have a very low impact on the climate and are rich in protein and fibre.Its sales are growing fast and under the umbrella of the LIVEKINDLY co. it will be introduced to even more markets in the coming months and years.



Oumph! was founded 2014 by Anna-Kajsa Lidell and Andres Wallermann and is an award-winning plant-based brand from Sweden currently available in Nordics, UK, Ireland, and The Netherlands.



  • Mouth-Watering food for all
  • Motivating people to eat more plants
  • Very low impact on the environment
  • High in protein and fibre

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: