Ocean Hugger Foods

Plant-based raw tuna

Headquarters: New York/NY, USA




Flesh-like food but not fish. Ocean Hugger Foods offers healthy, delicious, and sustainable plant-based alternatives to favorite seafood dishes, created by one of America’s top chefs, Certified Master Chef James Corwell.



Ocean Hugger Foods is making a difference to the world’s oceans with Ahimi, a plant-based alternative to raw tuna for use in dishes including sashimi, nigiri, poke, tartare, and ceviche. The first product from Ocean Hugger Foods is Ahimi, which is made from tomatoes. The texture and flavor of Ahimi are transformed through a special technique and it is designed to be a delicious alternative to ahi tuna with a savory, meaty taste. The appearance and texture are so much like raw tuna that customers can’t tell the difference between the plant-based and the raw fish.



  • Limiting, or even stopping overfishing and therefore the destruction of our oceans
  • Saving tuna from extinction by reducing or ending the number caught
  • Enhancing the natural savory quality of tomatoes
  • Offering a natural seafood experience
  • Helping chefs offer their customers healthy, ready-made plant-based options free of mercury, PCBs and other toxic chemicals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: