New Wave Foods

Disrupt seafood, not oceans

Headquarters: San Francisco, USA




Shrimp everybody can love. New Wave Foods is developing and perfecting the world’s only algae- and plant-based shrimp by using natural ingredients and cutting-edge science. The result: shrimp without slavery, bycatch, shellfish allergens, antibiotics, or ecosystem devastation.



New Wave Foods was founded to preserve and enrich seafood traditions while taking the problems of commercial fishing out of the equation. The two founders started by perfecting a plant- and algae-based shrimp because the crustacean is the most-consumed seafood on the planet and among the most damaging. But they won’t stop with shrimp – lobster, crab, and fish fillets (salmon, tuna, pollock and more) is on the way to your plate! Currently, the shrimp are available for food-service operators (colleges and universities, restaurants, resorts, food trucks, Kosher caterers, and more) and will be available in California and Nevada in early 2018 (later in 2018 in select markets nationwide and overseas).



  • Offering cruelty-free, plant-based shrimps and other fish alternatives
  • Stopping industrially harvested seafood which wreaks havoc on workers, our health, and our environment
  • Saving our seas from unsustainable over-fishing
  • Helping to mitigate climate change

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: