Mosa Meat likely to disrupt a $1 trillion market

In 2014, Mosa Meat’s chief scientific officer Mark Post showed the world the first clean meat burger made of muscle fibre and produced without killing an animal. The company is working on ‘Burger 2.0’ and is getting interest from strategic investors. Some think this new food production process might be part of their future: E.g. the in vitro cells – the culturing medium – is currently produce by the pharmaceutical industry.

Mosa Meat focuses on beef where SuperMeat (another investment of blue horizon) is working on chicken. In a $1 trillion market, competition is no challenge and most of the company founders and CEOs are highly mission driven and ready to take the animals out of the food chain. Therefore, the company is also looking for replacing the base of the culture medium, animal-based bovine serum. Peter Vestrate, CEO of Mosa Meat: “We want to be ethical and to be able to call the product vegetarian. Serum is the least animal friendly product in the world, it’s extracted from unborn calves. We definitely won’t go to market with that in it.”

Source: FoodNavigator