Help the world eat better

Headquarters: Boston, USA



Lighter’s mission is to equip heroes with brilliant software to scale their impact in terms of healthy, plant-based food. They are also working with healthcare providers at some of the largest health systems in the US to bring meal planning & tracking technology into clinical environments.


Lighter is an intelligent, personalised online meal planning and tracking solution that bridges the gap between advice and action. It motivates people to eat healthy and cruelty free and gives professionals the tools to monitor and improve food, making it an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The team consists of engineers, designers, registered dietitian, nutritionists, food coaches, and business leaders who are on a mission to save lives on a global scale.



  • Support professionals and their customers concerning healthy food choices
  • Inspires and motives people to teat better
  • Promote the plant-based, healthy lifestyle with ambassadors like authors, filmmakers, wellness experts, world-class athletes, celebrities, and other leaders

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: