Kellogg’s Executive Says Future of Protein is Vegan


The world is changing the way it thinks about food, not just in the minds of consumers, but in major, longstanding corporations as well. This change is prevalent at the Good Food Conference, which took place yesterday and today, where food industry leaders convened to discuss the emergence of plant-based and clean protein. Day One demonstrated the immense shift, as a representative from Kellogg’s U.S. made quite a definitive statement.

“This is a paradigm shift…Plant-based protein will play a much, much larger role than it plays today,” said Nigel Hughes, Kellogg’s SVP Global R&D, in reference to the future of protein. The groundbreaking quote was captured and tweeted by Rachel Atcheson, the Deputy Strategist for Brooklyn Boroughs President Eric Adams. Hughes spoke on a panel titled, “How Food Companies are Rethinking Meat for the Flexitarian Consumer” during Day One of the conference. His comment cemented the notion that major food companies are indeed changing their products to better appeal to the more conscious, plant-based consumer. It’s no longer a shift in marketing tactics, but a whole new approach to food.