It starts with the tools

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, USA




Transform food into data. It’s not just a limitation of tools, it’s a mindset. The world does not believe it’s possible to have healthier, sustainable food that is also affordable and delicious. JUST is on a mission to prove that this is possible by using disruptive state-of-the-art food technologies.



300,000+ species of plants all around the world have never been explored for how they can make our cookies or pasta or ice cream or butter or scrambled eggs better. So JUST literally started to explore them by hand. The team wanted to find plants that, because of their nutrition, low-impact cultivation and potential to make delicious food, will help achieve JUST’s mission. The company’s debut product was mayo, made with Canadian yellow split peas. As a result, JUST became known as a mayo company. Today, Just’s products can be found in every Whole Foods and almost every Walmart across the country, at Texas A&M football games and library cafes at Yale, in Mexico City grocery aisles, and coffee bars on the busiest street in Hong Kong. And JUST is open to the idea of enabling other companies to use their platform, too.



  • Breaking the boundaries of the current food system
  • Producing healthy, sustainable food that is also affordable and delicious
  • Finding plants with sustainable cultivation and potential to make delicious food
  • Building an automated discovery platform to explore these plants more efficiently and to look even more closely

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: