Digital Maniacs

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, USA



The digital world is getting more and more complex. So functional, scalable and secure code is an important asset and the foundation of many business tasks, or even full business models. Codefactory works with the best talent to build high-end code for today’s customers with a mobile-first approach. From platform architecture with the right CDN for high traffic to marketing automation with open-source tools like Mautic to new bot technologies, Codefactory can find the perfect match. In addition, Codefactory has access to the network of high-end providers built on many years of know-how and proven track-records.


Codefactory consists of a dedicated network of professionals with many years of experience in information and communication technology with high scalability and security. After an analysis of the foundation and frameworks of IT, dedicated teams are working on solutions from front- and back-end design to sizing and selection of hosting partners to MVPs and fully-fledged apps for mobile devices, single-sign-on and social media logins to reporting and optimisation. For all disciplines Codefactory is working on solutions that businesses can rely on.


  • Reliable partner for our portfolio companies
  • Cost savings
  • Data Security
  • Best-in-class media solutions
  • Synergies for a strong media focus

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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