Green Common

Make change happen!

Headquarters: Wan Chai, Hong Kong




Green Common is a global change maker for sustainable common good revolutionizing the food mindset in Hong Kong and all over the planet making it a norm to eat food that is good for you, others and the planet.



Green Common is a one stop dining and shopping experience with convenient locations offering consumers an array affordable tasty options, the newest plant-based trends and healthy nutritional foods. With 7 store locations and a recently launched pop-up in the Hong Kong Airport, Green Common is promoting mindful eating as well as mindful living. They work and partner with the leading brands of the world like Beyond and Just to bring the most innovative and sustainable options to their restaurants and stores. They regularly hold events and culinary classes raising awareness and educating communities with knowledge and products to make a positive impact with solutions, one meal at a time. They are tackling the sustainability crisis, China’s food insecurity, public health crisis and animal welfare all while empowering over 3 million people partake in their Green Monday global plant-based movement.



  • Offers consumers new meat replacements and plant-based alternatives
  • Educates communities and corporations on the health benefits and positive
    impacts of plant-based eating
  • Inspires the world to join the revolutionary plant-based movement
  • Supports and promotes mission aligned brands
  • Decreases animal cruelty due to reduce overall meat consumption

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: