The Good Food Institute

Creating the future food supply

Headquarters: Washington DC, USA




The Good Food Institute (also known as GFI) is aligned with blue horizon’s mission: To support a food system where the most affordable and delicious products are also good for our bodies and the planet. Their aim is to help producing food in a new and better way and they are helping inventions to improve lives of billions of people across the globe. With this partnership, we join forces to reach our joint goals.



The Good Food Institute is working with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to make a real food change. By focusing on clean meat and pant-based alternatives to animal products. It supports companies by providing strategic support, helps launching next generation of innovations with opportunities in the academic as well as for-profit sectors, educates institutions, corporations, and governmental bodies about the new food innovations and promote plant-based products.



  • Aggregation and distribution about environmental degradation
  • Fighting against global poverty and for a more efficient food system
  • Helping to take animals out of the food chain
  • Increasing health by decreasing us of e.g. antibiotics

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: