Germany’s Largest Poultry Producer PHW Group Adds Alternative Protein Department

Author: Source: LIVEKINDLY

PHW Group, the German-based poultry producer and one of the largest protein distributors throughout Europe, recently appointed Marcus Keitzer to its board overseeing its new alternative protein department, joining a growing roster of vegan divisions within German meat producers.

Despite its meat-heavy roots, PHW Group led the world in vegan product launches in 2016, according to the Good Food Institute, an organization working with plant-based and clean meat producers to create a healthy, humane, and sustainable food supply. “In fact, fifty percent of German meat companies are producing alternative proteins,” the nonprofit noted.

Keitzer is a seasoned investment professional; his LinkedIn profile says he has more than 15 years of experience analyzing and investing in public and private companies.

Keitzer reportedly played a critical role in PHW’s investment into SuperMeat, the Israeli clean-meat startup. Wesjohann also credited Keitzer for the recent partnership with U.S.-based Beyond Meat; PHW became the first distributor in Europe to announce a partnership with the popular vegan meat company.

“Over many months, we have been working hard to select a strategic partner for our international expansion,”  Ethan Brown, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Beyond Meat, said in a statement in April. “I am very pleased that with the PHW Group we have found a long-term partner who has extensive expertise in the European market with regard to distribution, logistics, and costumer and consumer engagement.”

Keitzer said the move to create the new division and his appointment in overseeing it reflects the importance of clean meat and plant-based products for the distributor, noting that it “underlines our mission to become a leading player in this area in Europe.”