Geltor’s Plant-Based Collagen Wins Innovation Category at CEW Beauty Awards


N-Collage is described by CEW as the first ever animal-free, high-performance collagen for cosmetics. Geltor achieves its product by programming microbes that then produce collagen. This collagen can then undergo a fermentation process to turn it into gelatin for food products or be left as-is. It was created by scientists at Princeton University using synthetic biology, materials sciences, and computer technology. The revolutionary product is said to offer an elastin-boosting effect and protect one’s keratinocytes (cells in the outermost layer of the skin) from UVB rays using vegan, kosher, halal, and sustainable ingredients.

The vegan beauty market is growing rapidly but conventional collagen – found in everything from hair and skin products to moisturizers – is a protein produced only by animals. Therefore, people looking to purchase vegan collagen products are best to look down the produce aisle than the cosmetics section for vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables, which help to boost collagen production. However, Geltor’s recognition for its revolutionary animal-free collagen is set to help facilitate the cosmetic industry’s ethical future and consequent shift away from animal products.