Real gelatin, without animals

Headquarters: San Leandro, USA




Superior textures, designed & built with biology. Many of the foods we love, the medicines we need, and the cosmetics we use daily rely on a single ingredient: gelatin. Geltor will make gelatin animal-free.



For hundreds of years, humans have scavenged animal scraps to obtain gelatin. Geltor is on a mission to change this by using technology and biology. A lot of food and other products like cosmetics or even medicines are based on a mix of different ingredients, including gelatin. Today, most gelatin is animal-based. At Geltor, a motivated team of scientists is working on a new gelatin that’s free of animals. By using high-tech and disruptive new approaches, Geltor is developing a full range of gelatin-based products that goes beyond food, cosmetics and medicines.



  • Offering the industry an animal-free gelatin alternative
  • Using state-of-the art technology to disrupt the current production of gelatin
  • Developing new products based on bio technology
  • Entering different fields beyond food, cosmetics and medicine

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: