Food giant Kellogg’s unveils ‘Incogmeato’ plant-based products

Source: The Guardian

With McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and every major UK supermarket selling their own ranges of ‘authentic’ animal substitutes, fake meat now means big business.This year, 400,000 people globally signed up for Veganuary, compared with 250,000 in 2019.

Not long ago, the big supermarkets might have a sorry corner with some Quorn and Linda McCartney products; as of last month, when Sainsbury’s joined the club, they all have own-brand plant-based ranges, as well as many stocking the likes of the Meatless Farm Co, Vivera and Oumph!. There’s everything from fake turkey to vegetarian “ham”, and even vegan pork scratchings, made from flash-fried soya pieces, which received 174% funding on Kickstarter last year. The global demand for plant-based protein has grown from £2.9bn in 2015 to a predicted £4bn this year.