Best in class acceleration

Marketing & Sales

Reaching the masses

With our global video content production network, a creative and social media team headquartered in Los Angeles, we are the source of great content.

Our investments into leading news outlets and influencer platform technology, grants us targeted access to over 100 million people interested in plant-based food.

Turning customers into fans and enable them to become efficient ambassadors not only for the products, but in particular for healthy lifestyle choices, is one of our most promising initiatives.

Production & Distribution

Local availability means sustainability

With a growing network of production facilities and co-producing partnerships, we foster a rapid rollout of successful brands throughout all continents.

Standardised production methods and the sharing of experience over several product-categories, generate synergies and speed up efficiency.

We are convinced that economies of scale and implementing latest technologies are key, not only to produce the best quality, but also in order to achieve mass retail price points.


Transforming farms from meat to plants

Many of our products use similar input material. We increase margins by bundling volumes and favour wherever possible local producers who we enable with know-how and technology.

We are at the forefront of farm transformation, supporting farmers in a seamless transition from meat- to plant-based production at equal or higher income levels.