Does A&W’s ‘Beyond Meat’ Burger Pass The ‘Tastes-Like-Meat’ Test?

Author: Christina Troitino
Source: Forbes

We assessed the burger on a scale of one to five on three factors: Did it look like meat? Did it taste like meat? And did it feel like meat?

Vegan Burger: Look: 4 Feel: 4 Taste: 4

“Having had both the vegan burger and A&W’s beef offering in the same sitting (and raising my odds of dying of hypertension at the same time), I have to admit, I prefer the vegan burger over its meatier brother (and its sad cousin, the Veggie Deluxe).

“The beef definitely has a familiar taste but ran on the dry side towards the last few bites while the Beyond Meat burger stayed flavourful start to finish. This patty isn’t going to fool anyone into thinking they’re eating beef thanks to its overly orange hue but that’s not the point, because this is tasty.”