Dairy-Free Milk Biggest Dietary Fad Of Last Decade


Canadians are drinking significantly less milk than they once did, according to new data obtained by Statistics Canada.

The report, analyzed by CBC News, focuses on food availability in Canada since 1960, which is measured as the total retail weight of foods divided by the population. The data shows that nearly 60 years ago there were more than 70 liters of full-fat milk for every Canadian, today, however, that number is around 10. Skim milk and two-percent milkare also on the decline, though on a smaller scale.

“When you look at demographic changes, economic changes, trade changes and health messages, you understand food changes,”  explained Malek Batal, a professor of public nutrition at the University of Montreal.“These are also changes in dietary habits. Canadians used to drink milk with their meals.”

“But the biggest dietary fads in last 10 years have been two things: dairy and gluten, with people saying we’re not cows, that we’re not supposed to be drinking milk,” Batal continued. In recent years, many celebrities and activist groups have spoken out about the cruelties of the dairy industry. Additionally, a growing number of individuals are increasingly concerned with possible health risks associated with dairy. Many also cite sustainability as a reason to drink less milk.