Sustainable food with healthier fats

Headquarters: Granollers, Barcelona, Spain



CUBIQ FOODS is developing a technological platform using culture cells and techniques of oil/water emulsions gelling to produce oils rich in omega-3 and fat replacers for saturated vegetable and animal fats, as ingredients of food products.

It is the first company focused on this type of food applications and aims to lead the omega-3 incorporation in a variety of food products and the replacement of coconut oil in plant-based products globally. It will partner with large food producers to make this vision a reality.



CUBIQ FOODS is developing alternative oils, in a sustainable, scalable and more efficient way; to allow exponential growth in production, accompanying the demand for essential omega-3 fatty acids and replacing saturated fats from animal and plant-based products. The production of oil rich in DHA or EPA omega-3 based on cell cultures, provides the least environmental impact and allows to generate an inexhaustible source of this fatty acid essential for its incorporation in food at a convenient price.

Microencapsulation of omega-3-rich oils from algae or cell culture enriches a large number of food products such as plant-based, dairy products, biscuits or processed healthy meat. The solid vegetable oil, smart fat, allows to obtain all the expected functionality of the fatty component of a food, with 50% less oil, guaranteeing a more tasty, juicy product, with lower calorie content and healthier than its current counterpart.



  • Saves marine life avoiding over-fishing as source of omega-3
  • Develops a sustainable and scalable cell-based source of DHA or EPA omega-3 for food and pharmaceutical applications
  • Microencapsulate sustainable omega-3 oil to be incorporated into foods products at an accessible cost
  • Produces solid healthy vegetal oils for food applications as the best coconut fat or animal fat replacer in plant-based, dairy and meat products
  • SMART FAT is produced near or at the customer site, to minimizes carbon footprint and packaging

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: