content factory

Content is still king

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, USA



Content is the fuel of past, present and future online media success and therefore a team of producers, hosts and editors are producing high-quality content around the plant-based lifestyle for our partners. The Contentfactory delivers state-of-the-art video productions in the right format for every channel: websites, social media, and TV in 4k. The scripts are aligned to our partners’ needs and the style is adapted for every single partner, resulting in content that is aligned with the target group of each individual media outlet.



Contentfactory is a team of professionals with experience in the media industry and with background in TV, film and documentaries. It also encompasses a worldwide network of trained VJs who are delivering content based on the company’s high quality standards. Whether you want to create a corporate video for an exhibition, an event documentary or produce a new show, it’s possible with the help of this motivated team of industry professionals.



  • Professional content production team and network for our portfolio companies
  • Higher efficiency by sharing footage
  • Best-in-class production tools and content sources
  • Synergies with other portfolio companies such as WeAreGoodNews

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: