Clara Foods

Decoupling proteins from animals

Headquarters: San Francisco/CA, USA




Clara Foods is the market leader in engineering, manufacturing and formulating animal-free, animal proteins as ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. Leveraging advanced fermentation to produce functional and nutritional proteins from microorganism, the company is reimagining the factory farm model that underpins industrial animal agriculture with a more sustainable, kinder and healthier alternative. Clara Foods is on a mission to decouple the world’s most powerful proteins from the animals that make them.



Clara Foods is blending the ancient art of fermentation with the technology of today to make the animal protein of the future. Have your cake, and eat it too. The most powerful ingredients just got a whole lot greener and cleaner.



  • Fermentation technology reduces GHG emissions, water consumption, and land requirements of animal agricultur
  • Save the lives of billions of animals. For the 6 billion laying hens hatched each year worldwide, a similar number of male chicks are produced that never make it to market due to culling)

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: