Citrus Processing

High-quality, locally sourced citrus products

Headquarters: Mumbai, India




Sustainable production in India with a global reach. A preeminent Indian supplier of beverages to global brands with high standards of quality and responsibility. Customers are both domestic and international beverage, flavoring, and fragrance companies.



Citrus Processing India is tapping into India’s potential as one of the largest orange producers worldwide, and responding to the global demand for frozen orange juice concentrate. The company is the first and only Indian industrial processor of frozen citrus juice and its by-products, supplying beverage, flavoring, and fragrance brands for both domestic and international markets. The company engages with a large community of farmers across six states and 15 districts. They provide know-how, support, and a guaranteed source of income. They also campaign to reduce fruit waste and to secure a stronger economic future for farmers.



  • Supporting, educating, and securing better earnings/income for Indian farmers across six states and 15 districts, employing 112 direct and 2,020 indirect employees and over 1,000 farming families
  • Implementing various environmentally friendly measures to effectively control pollution due to manufacturing
  • Removing dependency on fossil fuels by using agri-waste as the primary fuel for briquette fired boilers
  • Using solar energy for the facility
  • Reusing waste byproducts for watering and maintaining the 2,500 trees planted by the company

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: