blue horizon buys stake in Citrus Processing India

blue horizon, a global impact investment firm, made an investment in agriculture with the company Citrus Processing India in July 2016. The company’s innovative approach to citrus production and processing helps further blue horizon’s mission of promoting sustainable agriculture and food processing.

Citrus Processing India is one of the largest producers of citrus concentrate and by-products in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The company is committed to high standards of quality and responsibility, supplying beverages to national and international customers in the beverage, flavoring, and fragrance industries. Headquartered in Mumbai, Citrus Processing India operates a state-of-the-art facility at MIDC – Krushnoor, in Maharashthra.

India is the fourth-largest orange producer worldwide, and the global demand for frozen orange juice concentrate has only risen. Citrus Processing India is tackling the problem of meeting this demand while also keeping the environment and orange producers in mind. Citrus Processing India effectively manages this balance.

The company has also reduced dependency on fossil fuel by using solar energy for the facility and agri-waste as the primary fuel source for their briquette fired boilers. Additionally, it reuses waste byproducts for watering and maintaining the 2,500 orange trees the company has planted.

The company engages with a large community of farmers across six states and 15 districts in India. With this cooperation, the company provides knowhow, support, and a guaranteed source of income. Citrus Processing India also campaigns to reduce fruit waste and to secure a stronger economic future for farmers.

Citrus Processing India is led by director and CEO Sanjay Jain. He has over 25 years of experience in the food and agriculture business, working with Bunge India Pvt. Ltd., a leading agribusiness and food company.


About blue horizon

blue horizon was founded in 2015 with the vision that profit-oriented strategies and the common good can be united. blue horizon is a global, mission-driven private sector investment firm focused on scalable ventures that accelerates the global transition towards sustainable food and agriculture. In 2016, the blue horizon Foundation was started to support the transformation of farms from animal factories to sustainable plant production facilities.

About Citrus Processing India

Headquartered in Mumbai, Citrus Processing India Pvt.Ltd. is one of the largest producers of citrus concentrate and citrus by-products in India, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Its state-of-the-art plant procures and processes all citrus fruits domestically available in India. The company’s products are sold both domestically and internationally to beverage, flavor and fragrance companies.