Alpha Foods

Good, clean, sustainable food

Headquarters: Glendale/CA, USA




Good food, made better. The people behind Alpha foods combine satisfying and healthy food with environmental sensitivity. All foods are free of GMOs, cholesterol, and animal products while delivering protein-packed, sustainable goodness to you.



Alpha Foods produces delicious and nutritious meat alternatives that will bring us closer to a plant-based future. Their ever-expanding product line of plant-based options is changing the way the world thinks about food. With over 35 years of know-how in handcrafted food, Alpha Foods understands food trends, as well as customer needs. More than ever, customers seek meatless alternatives to their favorite meals, and the Alpha Foods product line makes it possible. From tempting burgers to breakfast burritos to their famed Alpha Dogs, Alpha Foods is a leader in the plant-based protein market.



  • Giving meat connoisseurs a protein-rich, tasty, and healthy alternative
  • Lowering global meat consumption
  • Enticing people with a familiar smell to consume plants
  • Motivating people to taste plant-based foods with a familiar look and feel
  • Providing an easy and convenient alternative to animal-based foods

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: