Air New Zealand Becomes First Airline To Serve Plant-Based Impossible Burger

Author: Source: LIVEKINDLY

New Zealand’s leading airline, Air New Zealand, is set to serve the vegan Impossible Burger onboard its planes, making it the first airline in the world to do so. This is also the first time the burger has been available in New Zealand.

Business Premier customers traveling on Air New Zealand from Los Angeles to Auckland will be offered the new plant-based burger for the next three months, which will be served with tomatillo cream, making the dish vegetarian.

“New Zealand is the best in the world at producing food in the conventional way, and this is disruptive change, potentially,” the CEO of Impossible Foods Dr. Patrick O.Brown told New Zealand Herald. “On the other hand, that change is inevitable and being ahead of the curve is an awesome opportunity.”

“If you look into the future, you can see it’s absolutely inevitable that there is going to be an irreversible transition away from animals as a food production system,” he continued.

Brown was even a proud member of the airline’s maiden flight to serve the burger, claiming the airline was his favored choice because of its “pristine” reputation.

“We’re confident vegetarians, flexitarians and dedicated meat lovers alike will enjoy the delicious taste of the Impossible Burger,” said in-flight customer experience manager Niki Chave, noting Air New Zealand pushed hard for the partnership with Impossible Foods. So far, Chave’s predictions have been accurate, and customer reviews of the burger have been positive. “You would have never known that was not meat in that burger!” raved one flyer. “I took the first bite and it was amazing.”